10th Annual Alaska School Leadership Institute – Leading and Supporting Effective Instruction in Rural Alaska

May 29-31, 2018 – Hilton Hotel, Anchorage

School and district leaders have many roles: communicator, facilitator, instructional leader, learner and evaluator. Key to all of the roles is efficient and effective communication and the ability to use your time to provide your teacher with the resources that matter.

At ASLI this year we’ll look at communication and facilitation strategies to promote collective teacher efficacy at the building and district level. According to John Hattie’s Visible Learning research, collective teacher efficacy is at the top of the list for influencing learning in a school.

We will explore:

• How to have better conversations and lead more productive meetings and professional learning.

• Concrete steps to support effective mathematics instruction in your building or district.

• How to use your school or district data to develop a deeper school and district needs assessment that can focus your efforts for the upcoming year.

We will continue to sustain the ASLI professional learning community through role alike Critical Friends groups discussing problems of practice, and will integrate school and district team planning time into the institute to prepare for the 2018–2019 school year.

Target Audience The Institute is designed to support the professional learning of teachers, teacher leaders, principals, site leaders, and district leaders from small schools or rural school districts to help prepare Alaska’s students as college, career, and culturally-ready graduates.

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