2010 ASDN Needs Assessment Results

ASDN conducted its sixth annual needs assessment in February. Online surveys were sent to 4,350 past participants in ASDN staff development activities and 188 ASDN network representatives in every school district in the state

We received 1,441 responses to this survey from participants. We also collected an additional 79 responses from ASDN network representatives in 51 school districts and statewide professional associations.

We were very pleased that over 90% of the survey respondents said that they were satisfied with our professional learning opportunities, that the professional development resulted in new knowledge or skills, and that their new learning will improve student academic outcomes.

The three areas most recommended by our past participants and the network representatives were language arts, integrating technology in the classroom, and differentiated instruction. The results of our surveys are summarized in the ASDN Survey Results Executive Summary.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed for all your opinions, good ideas and constructive criticism!