2018 Spring Leadership Working Conference Implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Thursday, April 26 – Anchorage

All students deserve a high-quality and well-rounded education that will prepare them for success. The new ESSA legislation aims to aid that goal by ensuring that state accountability systems use multiple measures of school success, including academic outcomes, student progress, and school quality.

Alaska has been working to develop an accountability system that will: focus on what matters most, help Alaskans better understand what is working well, and determine where we need to make improvements so all students succeed.

Under ESSA the state accountability system must measure each of the following: academic achievement; graduation rates for high schools and academic progress for elementary and middle schools; progress in attaining English language proficiency; and at least one state selected indicator of school quality or student success.

This session will provide information on the current status of the ESSA plan for Alaska, and its practical implications for district and central office leaders. The Department of Education and Early Developmentā€™s Education Challenge initiative will also be featured, as action steps are developed to implement project recommendations.

Target Audience School and District Leaders

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