Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in the Classroom: A Trauma-Informed Approach for Schools

with Linda Chamberlain, Ph.D MPH

December 2, January 20 and 27 –

Understanding how the stress of early adverse experiences can become toxic and impact a child’s development and how resiliency factors can buffer the effects of toxic stress are the foundation of trauma-informed schools.  These  presentations will emphasize how early trauma can impact brain development and implications for learning.   The ACE Study is the largest study of its kind ever done to examine the effects of childhood exposure to violence and other adverse experiences (ACEs) on health and wellness over the lifespan. An overview of the physical, mental, cognitive and behavioral effects of ACEs on children will be examined within a resiliency framework that emphasizes best practices and resources for schools.  This is a repeat of the webinar series offered by ASDN last spring.  Date change:  January 13 session cancelled.  New dates are Dec 2, Jan 20 and 27.

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