AkPLN Math and ELA Classes

New classes open each month! (self-paced, complete within a 9-week period)

Lets get better together
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Hone your skills and grow and refine your instructional strategies in English Language Arts and Math.
New 1-credit classes in ELA and Math open every month
  • Join us for a series of nine-week, online mini-courses focused on improving specific instructional practices in ELA and Math. New topics opening every month!
  • Explore best instructional practice in ELA and Math in your classroom while collaborating with other Alaska teachers online.
  • The facilitation model supports your learning with collaboration and expertise.
  • The course follows a six-week exploration and action-oriented cycle through a variety of evidence-based best practices that are aligned to the Alaska Standards.
  • Participants are guided through an unpacking of targeted Learning Plans, including collaborative discussion as you try and apply each strategy with your own students.

Participants who complete the three learning plans in each series will receive one 500-level professional learning credit.  Click the links for more information about the classes and online registration:

ELA TopicsMath Topics
October – ELA – Elementary
• Academic Vocabulary 1
• Academic Vocabulary 2
• Academic Discussion
October– Grades 3-5 Math
• Understanding Fractions as Numbers
• Adding & Subtracting Fractions
• Multiplying & Dividing Fractions
November – ELA – Elementary
• Vocabulary – Semantic Mapping
• Vocabulary –Word Learning Strategies
• Vocabulary – Developing Word Consciousness
November – Grades K-2 Math
• Numeracy Throughout The Kindergarten Day
• Number Sense: Counting & Cardinality
• Number Sense: Composing & Decomposing
December – ELA – Elementary
• Close Reading 1
• Close Reading 2
• Close Reading 3
December – Secondary Math
• Teaching Geometry with Transformations – Part 1
• Teaching Geometry with Transformations – Part 2
• Teaching Geometry with Transformations – Part 3
January – ELA – Elementary
• Alaska Foundational Skills Standards for Phonological Awareness
• Alaska Foundational Skills Standards for Phonics and Word Identification
• K-2 Phonics Instruction in the Alaska ELA Standards
January – Grades 3-5 Math
• Building Conceptual Understanding with Fractions
• Problem Solving & Number Talks with Fractions
• Multiplication & Division That Sticks

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