American History Digitized: America in a Global World

Alaska Network for Understanding American HistoryWebinars every other Tuesday beginning October 18 through April 17, 2012.

This course will transcend the study of American history and suggest new understandings of the American nation and its relationship to a world that was and is global in character and highly pluralized in nature.

Interestingly, this globalized history of the United States allows for both an expansion of the narratives of our history while also allowing for the study of processes smaller that the nation while also incorporating larger transnational contexts and identities.  Rather than simply a comparative history of two or more nations, our goal will be to examine national experiences as they relate to larger processes and local resolutions.

Thus, issues of scale and place assume larger prominence in this globalizing of American history.   Geography (with all its attendant ideas) plays an important role in this “new” history.   All the more so because we will be studying American history in the Global age, not how American history can be subsumed under world history. As with previous AHD classes, part of our course focus will be to integrate technology and best practices within our teaching and learning.

Instructor: Dr. Thomas Rushford