Coaching the Academic Decathlon

 – with Chris Benshoof –

APU EDUC 58109, 3 credits, Pass/Fail

– Dates:  September 24 – January 14 –

The Academic Decathlon is a national academic program that provides a broad and ever-changing curriculum to high school students motivated by competition.  This course is designed to help brand new and young coaches develop a strong foundation for a lasting Academic Decathlon program.  Even experienced coaches can gain much from this course as we cover proven study methods in all ten subjects:  art, music, literature, math, economics, science, history, speech, interview, and essay.  The program will give support to both coaches and student team members as they tackle the ten Academic Decathlon subjects and set their own goals for the year.  If you’re interested in starting a new Academic Decathlon team, are just getting started with a team for the first time, or are a long-time coach this class can give you good resources and motivation for your team for the 2012-2013 season!  This is a distance delivered class with weekly assignments and three synchronous online meetings.