Content Area Literacy

Tuition (Tier 1 /Tier 2 Member Districts): $395 / $420
EDUC 58083 • 3 credits • APU • Graded A-F
Instructor: Peggy Marciniec


This course focuses on understanding and using literacy processes (reading, writing, listening, speaking) that are specific to content area disciplines in supporting student learning.


The importance of assessment and literacy instruction for all student populations is considered across a variety of “text” areas, including technological communications.  Vocabulary, comprehension, writing and studying strategies that apply to culturally diverse and struggling students will be included.


Participants will be able to demonstrate methods of connecting readers to text, know how to evaluate the effectiveness of trade books and electronic resources, and will learn how to construct essential comprehension activities specific to a selected content area.


Target Audience: K-12 Educators and Administrators