Educator Effectiveness Workshop Resources

April 8&9, 2014  – EED and ASDN Working Conference

Designing and  Implementing High Quality Educator Effectiveness Systems


EED 2013 District Survey on Student Achievement Assessments (which Districts are using AIMSweb, DIBELS, MAP, STAR etc.)


Post-Conference Webinar (May 7)

Day 1 – Developing and Implementing and Observation System

Day 1- Breakout Sessions

1) Early Stage E.E. System Development
Bernie Sorenson, Alaska Lead for the NWCC, SERRC

Early Stage EE System – Sorenson

2) Instructional Frameworks: Choosing, Developing, or Adapting

District Developed Model-LKSD

Danielson Framework – Michelle Linton

Marzano Framework- Gerry Briscoe, SERRC

3)  Observation System Development – Danielson Model



4) Building an Aligned System – Marzano Model



Day 2 – Student Learning Objectives Focus

Day 2 -Breakout Sessions

1) A Taste of SLO’s (Sondra Meredith-EED)

2) Alaskan Examples:  Diving Into The Data

3) Step-By-Step Process: Developing an SLO (Hella Bell Hadj Amor – Northwest Comprehensive Center)

4) Lessons Learned:  Case Study from McMinville School District, Oregon

Resource Packet