Enhanced Learning Maps Conference

January 29-30

Dena’ina Center, Anchorage

Scholarship Opportunity for Teachers from Focus and Priority Schools

There Are Many Paths to Student Understanding…

  • Different start and end points
  • Different routes
  • Different gaps along the way
  • How do you figure out where students are?
  • How do you move them forward?

Enhanced Learning Maps Can Help

The learning map model displays alternate pathways students may take to learn content-specific concepts and skills. In short, a learning map model is a graphical representation of learning targets and the connections among them. 

The purpose of the learning map model is to organize and inform instruction for classroom teachers. ELM makes clear the prerequisite knowledge that is necessary for complete understanding of a given topic, which helps teachers easily identify how they can adjust instruction to help students fill knowledge gaps and achieve their learning goals. Additionally, it provides a structure, based on cognitive and educational research, for researchers and teachers to attach and organize classroom resources. 

Who Should Attend the ELM Training?  

This training is appropriate for teachers, and administrators and content coaches who work with teachers to help them personalize their instruction. Teachers of English Language Arts and/or mathematics to students in grades 2-8 can apply to become part of the ELM research cohort. 

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