Improving Teaching and Learning with Charlotte Danielson

Charlotte1Tuition (Tier 1 /Tier 2 Member Districts): $440 / $490

Technology Fee: $20

EDUC 58102 • 3 credits • Alaska Pacific University • Graded A-F

Instructors: Jim & Diana Kurka

Target Audience: Teacher Leaders, Instructional Coaches, School and District Administrators

In this 3-part series, participants will be self-paced in their learning as they investigate Charlotte Danielson’s research based strategies for effective instruction and comprehensive teacher evaluation.  The course components are  1) Teaching Framework: Looking at Real Classrooms, 2) 22 Components of Great Teaching, and  3) Teacher Evaluation Using the Danielson Framework.  Each part of the series is broken up into modules which support the different concepts presented.

See what the Framework components look like in action, in real classrooms, in this unique course.  During the classroom observations, participants have the opportunity to learn from Charlotte Danielson through online videos as she critiques the instructional strategies shown in each segment, then explains how they relate to components of the Framework.