Intel Teach Elements

Engaging eLearning courses for K–12 educators

Explore 21st century learning concepts

Intel® Teach helps K–12 teachers of all subjects learn to engage students with digital learning, including digital content, Web 2.0, social networking, and online tools and resources. Intel Teach professional development empowers teachers to integrate technology effectively into their existing curriculum, focusing on their students’ problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration, which are precisely the skills required in the high tech, networked society in which we live.

Intel® Teach Elements offered in collaboration with ASDN are  facilitated professional development courses. This series of compelling courses provides deeper exploration of 21st century learning concepts.

The classes are online with weekly assignments to provide professional development credit.

Fall 2014 Online Classes

Designing Blended Learning  helps teachers transition to blended learning experiences and provides the background rationale, planning strategies, and suggested technology tools. Course participants will see how technology tools can foster collaboration while delivering engaging instructional content. They will also learn strategies for assessing students and managing a blended learning classroom.(2 credits, Pass/Fail.) October 15-December 16, 2014

Moving into Mobile Learning explains and demonstrates the implementation of mobile learning with interactive activities and locally relevant classroom examples. The course helps educators transition to mobile learning with background research, planning strategies and suggested technology apps and online tools. The course also explains and demonstrates the development of creative thinking skills and personalized learning through a mobile learning environment. It offers suggestions for assessing student learning with mobile devices and managing a mobile learning environment. (2 credits, Pass/Fail.) October 15 – December 10, 2014

Inquiry in the Science Classroom course is an interactive e-learning experience that is intended for new and veteran science teachers of students in third through eighth grade. In this course, teachers will build a foundation for scientific inquiry. They will explore the rationale and research basis, common misconceptions, and specific strategies for incorporating scientific inquiry into science learning, regardless of the science discipline. The course explains and demonstrates the Scientific Inquiry Phases with relevant classroom examples. In addition, teachers will learn best practices for improving scientific inquiry through interactive activities. Direct connections to the new Alaska standards are provided throughout the course and can be connected within the final project as appropriate. (2 credits, Pass/Fail.) October 15-December 17, 2014

More about the Alaska Intel Online Professional Learning Project

Many of our Alaskan educators are not on the road system or they wear many hats in their positions in their small districts.  Through surveys, teachers have indicated that they are interested in relevant credit coursework but need to have flexible scheduling to accommodate  their efforts coaching, driving bus, after school programs as well family time.  Through the Intel® Teach Elements series, teachers can explore 21st Century Learning through online discussion groups with like online community members, research and create project that they can use immediately in their classrooms.

Intel Teach helps K-12 teachers of all subjects engage students with digital learning, including digital content, Web 2.0, social networking, and online tools and resources.  Intel Teach professional development empowers teachers to integrate technology effectively into their existing curriculum, focusing on their students problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration, which are precisely the skills required to for careers in our digital society in which we live from Metlakatla to Barrow, Alaska and all between.

There are currently nine courses in the Intel online series.  We will offer a few each semester to our Alaska educators.

  • Moving into Mobile Learning
  • Creativity in Mobile Learning
  • Designing Blended Learning
  • Inquiry In the Science Classroom
  • Using Data to Think Critically in the Classroom
  • Assessments in the 21st Century Classroom 
  • Project- Based Approaches
  • Collaboration in the Digital Classroom
  • Educational Leadership in the 21st Century

Our current Intel PD Staff includes Cheryl Bobo Director/Facilitator,  Tammy Morris -Facilitator, Ellen Hannan-Facilitator  and in Anchorage our trained facilitators are  Sarah Peterson, Shelly Eldred, Nichelle Mauk,  Lynda Van Winkle, Marilyn Doore, Mark Johannes.  There are so many opportunities ahead for this program with face to face, blended and online learning opportunities.  We look forward to working with districts as well as individual educators to meet their diverse needs. We look forward to working with you and let us know how we can help you as a district or as individuals with digital learning.