Leading Quality Literacy Instruction in BSSD

Presenter:  Lexie Domaradzki

Dates: February 20, March 5,19, 26 and April 23
Time: 3:45 – 5:45 pm AST

Webinar Instructions

No software is needed.  We will use the Adobe Connect system.  Please download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for best results.  
Click here to run a test:

Please test your computer and telephone connection 15 minutes before the start of the first webinar. 


Getting Connected Online
Go to:  
Choose “Enter as a Guest” and type in your name, followed by the number of people at your location, and your school name. (e.g. John Smith (3) Seaview School)
Click “Enter Room”
2) Getting connected to the Audio
Once the room has opened, a window will pop up asking you to join the audio.  You have the option of joining via telephone or joining via your computer.  Please note that if you choose to join via your computer, you will only be able to interact with the presenter vocally if you have a microphone hooked up to your computer.

Option 1: Using a telephone
If you are using a phone that has an extension click “Dial-in to the Audio Conference via Phone”, then click “Cancel” and call in to the teleconference. Please turn your computer speakers off or mute them before you call in or we will receive feedback.
Phone:         1-888-809-4060
Participant Code:    399982

If you are using a phone that does not have an extension, click “Dial-out (Receive a call from the meeting)”, enter your phone number and click “Join,” and you should be called within a few seconds.  If your phone does not ring, call the number above.  Please note that although you will not be charged for the phone call, you still need to be able to make long distance calls from your phone line.

Option 2: Using your computer
Click on “Using Computer”.  Be sure your speakers are turned on, and volume is raised, you should be able to hear the audio coming through your computer.  If you are called on to interact via your microphone, click the microphone icon at the top of your screen, click “allow” on the prompt, and you should be able to interact with the presenter.

How to View the Recordings

Step One:   Click on the link for the recordings:

Step Two:  Enter Login and Password.
Login:  guest1
Password:  test 
If you have any difficulty accessing the recordings, please email amardeepkanwar@hotmail.com.

Webinar #1 Materials

phonemic awareness_handouts

Click HERE to complete a short evaluation.
Webinar #2 Materials
Click HERE to complete a short evaluation.
Webinar #3 Materials
Click HERE to complete a short evaluation.
Webinar #4 Materials
Click HERE to complete a short evaluation.
Webinar #5 Materials
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