Making it Stick: Effective Practice of Strategies, Skills, Vocabulary, Facts, and Information

with Anita Archer

February 18, March 11 & 25, 2015 –

We often put a good deal of planning for initial instruction on critical information, only to be disappointed when students can’t remember, use, transfer or retain the information.  The answers: effective instruction and practice.  This webinar will address the research on academic practice and the following topics:

  • Importance of practice: Retention, Transfer, Use
  • Scheduling:  Initial practice, Distributed practice, and Cumulative review
  • Contributions of cognitive psychology research: Retrieval Practice, Spaced Practice, Mixed Practice
  • Variety of practice modes: Paper and pencil, partner routines, computer-based, whole group practice; games
  • Feedback: Oral/written, teacher/partner/team/self
  • Feedback: Within lessons, between lessons, over time
  • Routines: Completing, grading, gaining assistance, etc.
  • Homework
  • Automaticity: Passage reading, math facts, handwriting or keyboarding, spelling, etc.