Effective Instruction Using the New Math Standards

Lexie Domaradzkiwith Lexie Domaradzki¬† –

February 3, 10, March 3 & 17, 2014 –


The Alaska State Board of Education adopted new Mathematics Standards in June of 2013. In these webinars educators will have the opportunity to learn about the new standards and how they can adjust instruction to implement them. This webinar series will focus on the classroom use of the New Alaska Standards for Math and will address structural and instructional shifts within the new standards. These webinars will explore each major shift as well as discuss practical classroom applications. The webinar series will engage participants in the following work:

  • Understanding the three major shifts within the Alaska Standards for Mathematics in focus, coherence and rigor.
  • Exploring how the learning progressions connect key concepts for students across the grades.
  • Understanding the relationship between the Standards for Mathematical Practice and the Standards for Mathematical Content
  • Learning how to adjust our instructional approach within the classroom to support students in demonstrating understanding in both the Content Standards as well as the Mathematical Practices.
  • Using the understanding of common misconceptions to assist in moving students forward with proficiency in mathematics.