Motivating and Engaging Students

Tuition (Tier 1 /Tier 2 Member Districts): $460 / $510

EDUC 58106 • 3 credits • Alaska Pacific University • Graded A-F

Course Presenters: Dr. Robert J Marzano and Dr. Debra Pickering

Instructors of Record: Jim & Diana Kurka

If students are not engaged, there is little if any chance for meaningful achievement. But student engagement is not chance, especially for students disinclined to be engaged; it requires a teacher’s careful planning and execution of specific strategies.

Dr. Robert Marzano and Dr. Debra Pickering show participants how to raise students’ energy levels, demonstrate a positive demeanor, express enthusiasm and use humor to create a classroom culture in which all students are challenged and accepted.  To promote their students’ authentic interest, educators will learn to use games, inconsequential competitions, friendly controversy, unusual information, and effective questioning strategies. To help their students embrace what they’re learning as important, educators will study how to engage their students in setting goals, one of the primary motivators for academic achievement. They’ll learn to incorporate cognitively demanding, real-world tasks into instruction that clarify the relevance of what students are learning. Educators will also be prepared to help their students develop strong feelings of self-efficacy, not through superfluous praise, but through making students aware of their potential futures which they can affect through their own efforts.

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