Resource Page – Instruction and Assessment Strategies to Support the New Alaska Math Standards

WEBINAR DATE CHANGE!  Webinar #4 on March 20 moved to March 27.


TEDxNYED-Math Curriculum Makeover (You Tube) – Webinar 1

Don’t Give Up-Plan, Persevere, Revise (Teaching Channel) – Webinar 1

Think, Pair, Share (Teaching Channel) –

Webinar 2

My Favorite No – Learning from Mistakes (Teaching Channel) – Webinar 2
Discovering the Properties of Quadrilaterals (Teaching Channel) – Webinar 3

Exploring Math Practice Standards – Precision (Teaching Channel) – Webinar 3
Alice Grade Three Problem Solving Discussion – Webinar 4   What What Fraction of this Shape is Red? – Webinar 4

Zero Pairs, Manipulatives, and a Real-World Scenario – Webinar 4

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