Response to Intervention in Small Schools

with Lexie Domaradzki and Dean Richards –

October 13, November 9, December 8 and January 12

This webinar series explores Response to Intervention in small rural schools (Fifty students or less, K-8.) Creating a systematic response in small schools presents a unique challenge. Resources of time, money and staff are limited, on-site colleagues are few and the range of student need is great. Through a 4 webinar series, Dean Richards and Lexie Domaradzki will provide guidance for systematically improving the RTI in a small school. This series is designed to support educators new to their role and those new to Response to Intervention in a small school. The webinars will discuss the concept of RTI, the standards of Practice for Core/Tier 1 instruction, and how to make data-based decisions to raise student achievement in a small school setting.

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