Spring Leadership Retreat – Emerging Trends and Issues in Teacher Evaluation

April 10, 2013 – 8:30 – 4:00 – Mat-Su School District Board Room

Al BertaniOver the past three years, more than 20 states passed legislation designed to address educator effectiveness by mandating annual evaluations based in part on student learning and linking evaluation results to key personnel decisions. Catalyzed by a combination of factors – federal policy incentives embodied in Race to the Top and Investing in Innovation funding, newly elected governors, and growing legislative majorities in many states has sparked a wave of legislation addressing teacher effectiveness. Much of this legislation impacts districts around key personnel decisions including: tenure; reductions in force; dismissal of underperforming teachers; and teacher retention.

Meeting Resources


Teacher Evaluation Workshop Framework PowerPoint

Facilitator: Dr. Al Bertani, RAPPS Senior Design Consultant

EED Alaska Educator Evaluation System Overview PDF

EED Evaluation System Graphic PDF

Alaska Educator Evaluation Overview

Dr. Susan McCauley, Director Teaching & Learning Support; Sondra Meredith, Administrator, Teacher Education & Certification



Breakout Sessions

GATES Measures of Effective Teaching  PPT

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Measures of Effective Teaching Study – Findings and Recommendations

Session Leader: Al Bertani, RAPPS Senior Design Consultant

5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric PDF –  Teacher Evaluation Rubric

Session Leader:  Dr. Sandy Austin, University of Washington, Center for Educational Leadership

Kenai Evaluation Presentation (Danielson) PPT

The Role of Teacher Evaluation in Becoming a Highly Reliable School District

Session Leaders:  Dr. Steve Atwater, Sean Dusek, Melissa Linton and Tim Peterson

 BSSD Evaluation Presentation (iObservation) PPT

Using Marzano’s iObservation Tool for Teacher Evaluation

Session Leader: Sue Johnson, School Improvement Coordinator, Bering Strait School District


Webinar Information

Continue the conversation by joining Al Bertani for a 75 minute webinar Wednesday, April 17.    The webinar will focus on the action planning required to revise an educator evaluation system.  The webinar focused on Illinois as a case example for building an action plan.


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