Strategies in College and Career Counseling

– NEW section opening February 13 –

In order to grow Alaska’s 21st century economy, the need for highly educated and trained workforce is crucial. To meet this demand the Alaska Postsecondary Access and Completion Network recommends that 65% of our state’s working-age adults attain a post-secondary degree or training by the year 2025. Learn how to help students plan for their future! Participants in this course will engage in online modules to introduce them, or improve their effectiveness, in preparing students for college and careers, with a particular emphasis on low-income families who would be first generation college students. The new section begins February 13 and ends May 8, 2017.

Cost: $180
Scholarship Opportunity:  The first 20 educators who register receive a $100 scholarship, reducing the cost of this 3-credit class to $80.
Full scholarships for BSSD and LKSD.

Credits: Three 500-level college credits; pass-no pass.

Target Audience: Middle and High School Counselors and Teachers

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