Success at the Core

Success At the Core is a unique online professional development tool kit that can help teachers and school leaders implement the new Alaska Standards and achieve school improvement goals.

  • What is Success at the Core? Success At the Core is a web-based Professional Development Toolkit designed to empower school leaders to advance their district and school’s improvement goals.
  • Audience: Focuses on both school-based Leadership Teams (instructional, content area, grade-level, PLC’s) and Classroom Teachers, the two groups that most impact classroom instruction.
  • Offered at No Cost: This unique online resource is offered at no cost to registered users. Registration is Free, Fast and Easy!  Register to get immediate access to explore the materials and videos that support your leadership efforts.
  • Entirely Web-Based Learning Platform: Offers a purposeful and flexible web-based professional development toolkit available 24/7 to registered users.  The materials are high quality; relevant to targeted users, support quality instruction and support the needs and priorities identified by school leaders and leadership teams.
  • Personal Professional Growth: Supports educators to achieve specific outcomes and learning goals in whatever stage they may be at in their careers.
  • Research-based and Useable in K-12 Context:  Makes use of research-based best practices that are directly linked to student outcomes.
  • Leadership Development Modules: Designed to strengthen and support the instructional leadership capacity of school leaders and school leadership teams.
  • Teacher Development Strategies:  Focused on the Instructional Core with 24 teacher development strategies accompanied by featured videos (content, instruction, assessment and supports that help ALL students). Can be used individually, one-on-one, in a small group, or as part of a large group.
  • Video Resources: Features over six hours of high quality award winning documentary-quality videos that real classrooms and leadership team conversations.
  • Success At the Core Can Help Meet the Challenge – With any challenge comes great opportunity.  All schools in Alaska can benefit from Success At the Core resources intended to help them meet the challenge of preparing all students to meet Alaska Content and Performance Standards.

Partners in Alaska Success at the Core are:

  • Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals (Lead Partner)
  • Alaska Association of Elementary School Principals
  • Alaska Staff Development Network
  • Alaska State Literacy Association
  • Alaska Statewide Mentor Project