Using the National Archives’ DocTeach for Instruction and Evaluation


Dates: March 18 – May 23, 2013 (online with weekly assignments)
EDUC 58132 • 1 credit • Alaska Pacific University • Graded A-F
Instructor:  Carol Buswell, Education Specialist, The National Archives


This course is designed for educators of all subjects, grades and experience.  The National Archives’ online teaching tool, DocsTeach, will be examined in depth.  There will be an emphasis on using the tool in the classroom to:

  • locate primary source documents that are often difficult to find,
  • increase student interaction with primary sources,
  • create groupings of lesson materials by various means,
  • organize teaching materials by each of their classes, and
  • modify and expand on the work of other educators.

Each ready-made activity type will be examined in depth.  By the end of the term, the you will be the go-to person for your peers and be prepared to teach others to use the tool as well.