Visible Learning for Mathematics

with BobbiJo Erb–

February 8, 27, and March 8, 27 – 3:45-5:15 AKST –

After years of being a little bit jealous of all the research out there on what works for teaching literacy, mathematics educators can get very excited about Visible Learning for Mathematics (2017).  John Hattie, Douglas Fisher, and Nancy Frey team with three other acclaimed educators to interpret what current mathematics research and Hattie’s ground-breaking synthesis of education research tell us about what works and when for students learning mathematics. This series will be an interactive study of what Visible Learning for Mathematics (2017) has to offer us as math educators.  We will learn about the phases of learning, surface, deep and transfer, along with which strategies to use for each phase.


Some of the topics will include facilitating classroom discourse for particular learning intentions, the impact of teacher clarity on student motivation and engagement, selecting mathematical tasks for each phase of learning, using multiple representations to solidify understanding, and providing efficient and effective feedback.  We will look at all of this information with an eye for how it fits with our own experiences in classrooms working with students across the state of Alaska.


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